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Spring Newsletter 2019

Newsletter 2019

Dear All,

This time last year we had just experienced the Beast from the East and were hoping the weather would warm up for a new bowling season – and it did!  From May to July we had the most terrific weather.  Now here we are less than 4 weeks until Opening Day which will be held on Saturday 13th April at 2pm.  It's always astonishing how quickly a season plays out, how fast the winter passes and before we know it, a new season is upon us. 

Please pay your fees on (or as soon as you can after) Opening Day. A reminder of membership rates is given below:  

Adult: £65.00

Junior (up to 16 years): £5.00

New Member: £10.00

It would be great to try and increase our membership.  If you have any friends or family who would like to take up a new sport, why not encourage them to come to Kemback Bowling Club to have a go at lawn bowling?     

Wishing you a very enjoyable season of bowls in 2019.


Work Sessions at Club

As ever, the green and clubhouse need to be prepared for Opening Day.  Work sessions will be held from 10am on Saturdays 30th March and 6th April.  Please come and help if you can.   


Opening Day Saturday 13th April at 2pm

Opening Day will take the usual format of teams drawn from the numbers bag playing for either the President or the Vice President. 



Mike, our Webmaster, will upload the 2019 Fixtures List to the website.  Digital Fife support the website (for free) and they like sites to be updated on an ongoing basis.  Please let the Committee know if you have any photos or news that you’d like to share on the site.   


Catering for Matches:

Once again, the Rota will be pinned to the noticeboard.  Please add your name against the matches for which you can provide catering.   


Friday Evening Bowls

Some Friday evening bowls sessions will be held during the season.  Purely for fun, players draw from the numbers bag to form teams and for the last end, we all congregate on one rink to see who will get closest to the jack and get first pick from the chocolate tray !  Details to follow.


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