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Opening Day 2018

The President, Jim Scott, welcomed 14 members to the green for Opening Day on the afternoon of Saturday 14th April.  He noted how good it was to see everyone returning and how fantastic the green looked, thanks to the usual exemplary work of the Greenkeeper, Bill Brown.  Jim ended by warmly wishing a good season to all members.

Long-standing member and friend, George Miller, asked to say a few words.  With George moving home to West Fife soon, he presented the Club with a grey clock for the Clubhouse wall, hoping that when members look at it, they think of him.  Everyone was touched by this kind and thoughtful gesture from a member who has contributed so much to the life of the Club over the years and hints were dropped about invitations to the house-warming party! 

Former Ladies’ Champion and member of the 2017 Ladies’ Triples District 7 medal winning team, Mary Booth, threw the first jack after which 11 ends of highly enjoyable bowls were played across two rinks for the traditional President versus Vice President match.  The weather was kind, staying warm and dry.  One rink finished with a win for the President, the other with a win for the Vice President.  After totalling the scores, the Vice President’s teams were declared the winners and everyone retired to the Clubhouse for tea, delicious fruit loaf and cookies.

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